The Helping Project Corp is committed to improving lives through focused action. Emphasizing inclusion, diversity, and humane treatment of others, The Helping Project Corp creates opportunities and pathways to a better quality of life.




Help Us Gather (HUG), a regional nonprofit, holds a vision of a world where people with disabilities are included and diversity is celebrated. HUG’s mission is to create that world by robust advocacy for people with disabilities and providing social connections through events and activities.


Our corner of the world needed a cool club that welcomed every person with disabilities. So, we made one. We poured our hearts into Help Us Gather (HUG) to make sure people with special needs felt connected, loved, and seen for the super cool people they are. Then, we realized that we could make extraordinary opportunities for our friends, so we did that, too. Our inclusion efforts went viral, proving that people want more of what we’re doing at HUG.


76% of people with disabilities report feeling lonely. HUG solves this problem by connecting people with disabilities to fun and exciting social events. We do this through partnering with more than 80 organizations to host all the regional events on community calendars on our website. We also host our own unique events through the Friends of HUG Social Group, which connects people with disabilities to meaningful friendships and memorable experiences. See the Friends of HUG in a high-flying adventure at IFLY in this video.

We Include, a national advocacy nonprofit, creates a more inclusive world through a multi-media platform where people with disabilities are seen, welcomed and valued in all aspects of life.


Our successes with HUG showed us that we needed to make a bigger corner of the world that embraced people with disabilities—way bigger. So, we launched We Include. This national storytelling platform unites the boldest voices from people with disabilities to make sure the message of inclusion gets heard loud and clear. We Include demonstrates that it’s so easy to make the world a better place with a simple yes to including people with disabilities in friend circles, work places, political spaces, and the national cultural conversation at large. It’s really that easy? Yes.


We Include unites celebrities, businesses and powerhouse people with disabilities to produce change in schools, organizations and the everyday choices of individuals. Together, we are creating a more inclusive world. We Include shares the stories of game changers like Temple Grandin, Josh Blue, Rachel Barcellona and others whose strong voices and inspirational lives are leading the charge.

The Helping Project Corp is dedicated to creating diversity in the field of engineering and further dismantling institutional racism toward Black Americans in STEM careers. This scholarship provides up to $10,000 per school year, renewable for 4 years. The award also includes mentorship from top engineers dedicated to diversity in the profession.


With only 7% of STEM programs comprised of Black Americans and 9% of engineering degrees awarded to Black Americans, the need to provide opportunity and level the playing field is vitally important—especially since diverse teams are 21% more likely to outperform industry profitability. Additionally, 33% of those teams more likely to create industry-leading profitability.

This annually renewable flexible scholarship of up to $10,000 (up to four years) provides a pathway to achievement for Black Americans pursuing careers in any aspect of civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. Selected candidates receive substantial financial assistance that can be applied to school expenses including tuition, books, fees, room and board. The Black American Engineering Scholarship Award recipients also participate in an exceptional mentorship program designed to support their professional success.


Selected candidates will be able to participate in a professional mentorship program as part of the scholarship award. Mentors are selected from experienced professionals at top companies in their field. The mentors are excited to create opportunities for a new generation of talented men and women and to help create a new generation of more diverse work teams.

Studies show and university administrators agree that there is a strong correlation between mentors and under represented students in college. The Helping Project Scholarship mentorship program is designed to give recipients the network and support they need to make the most of their talents and to have success within their engineering careers.