At The Helping Project, we know that the Black American Engineering Scholarship is a good start—but it’s just a start. Who knows how far we can go if more of us join together to create more scholarships with valuable mentoring opportunities?

We’d like to find out.

In creating the Black American Engineering Scholarship, we learned that the number one financial reason students don’t go to college is the cost of room and board. We also learned that a robust mentoring program drastically improved success rates for graduation, professional self-identity, and career fulfillment. This scholarship is unique in that it specifically provides funds for room and board and a robust mentoring program to remove the biggest obstacles to success.

We believe many people out there, like us, want to be catalysts for positive change for people who have been marginalized and underrepresented in businesses, industries, organizations, and executive leadership because of prevailing systemic biases or outright discrimination. We also believe that partnerships between The Helping Project and interested individuals, companies, or philanthropic organizations may yield the greatest results in creating more scholarships that provide funds for room and board and mentorship programs.

If you or your organization has a funding source and would like to collaborate with The Helping Project to develop more scholarships in any field, please reach out to us. We would love to discuss the possibilities. Email [email protected] or fill out the form below.

Or, if you want to be part of our work but don’t have a scholarship idea, please consider donating to The Helping Project scholarship fund.